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Changes in Verizon Health Plan for
pre-Medicare retirees.

No changes for Medicare retirees on United Healthcare.

Pre-Medicare MEP HCP costs have passed the cap so there will be monthly premium charges starting January 2020.

Individual $15., Retiree plus one $32 and family $38.

The first bill will be sent out mid December.

The union has negotiated a alternative MEP HCP plan with no monthly premiums but has an additional $270 added on to the one time a year deductible. That is per person. Plus $100 more out of pocket which most retirees don’t reach, thankfully. Co-pays are the same.

So, for pre-Medicare there are two plans, do nothing and keep what you got or choose the alternative. Both plans keep the same coverage you have now.

No change for post January 2013 retirees.

Express Scripts stays the same.


Thanks to all the retirees who marched with the active members in September at the Labor Day Parade, the African American Day Parade, and the Climate Strike March. Our first meeting of the fall is in the Bronx, see below.

Wednesday, Oct. 16, Noon, Bronx

Membership Meeting, The Bronx, American Legion, 1456 Shore Drive

Wednesday, Nov. 13, Noon, Manhattan

Membership Meeting, Local 1101, 350 West 31st Street, Manhattan

Wednesday, December 18, RMC Holiday Party
Local 1101 Manhattan $25 in advance if possible.


Nokia Bargaining Update and Retiree Healthcare

Important information communique for all of those who have retired from Western Electric Co., Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent or Nokia Corporation. Please click here to read.

June 23 summary

Above: June 19, last meeting before summer break. As the merger of 1105 and 1101 proceeds, we honor our Liaison to 1105 Denice Hawley, with her current RMC board members and union sisters since back in the day Anita Lathan and Ilene Winkler, celebrate the Big Win in the NYS legislature for the call center bill and prepare for the upcoming Summer of No More Offshoring nationwide. Stay tuned.


Photos Above: Manhattan, May 22 Membership Meeting and Bronx, May 10 Golf Fundraiser -Thanks to all who helped us meet our fundraising goal for the year!

bronxBronxrmc BronxBronx

Photos Above: Bronx Meeting April 17

CWA Recommendations Voting on Proxies: 1 - Vote Your Conscience, 2- Against, 3- Against, 4 - For, 5- For, 6 - For, 7 - For, 8 - For. Four page CWA proxie review and recommendations write-up PDF click here.

march meeting amarch meeting b

march meeting dmarch meeting c

Photos above from March 20 RMC meeting at the Manhattan Local. Top left: Sister Pam Galpern explains recent big win in NYS Senate for call center bill. Top right: Brothers Jim Murphy, John Yepez, Anthony Luciano from the Local 1101 Member Assitance Program (see below). Bottom right: Brother Lew Grupper updates on political wins and upcoming elections. Bottom left: 50/50 winner Sister Jacquiline Reese and Treasurer Mike Blau.


runaway inequality graph

ALL CWA retirees and friends always welcome.

happy new year

Proud of our Past, Prepared for the Future, Happy New Year 2019

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