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R.I.P. our Local 1101 CWA RMC brother
Thomas Horry
March 20, 1956 - March 15, 2015

Thomas Horry

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The Human Billboard Mobilization has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 8, Noon, at 42nd Street and 6th Ave (A of A). Click here to download a full page PDF flyer.

The Dempsey Scholarship Fund Golf Outing has been rescheduled for May 8. Click on graphic to the right for a full page PDF.

AT&T Contracts Expire in April
Click Here For Updates on Bargaining and Mobilization

Pam Galpern addresses RMC about FiOS for all campaignMembers write letters to PSC and to Congress about FiOS and TPPMike announces winner: Thomas!Making Posters for human billboard

1101 RMC Meeting, Wednesday, February 25, at Local 1101

Top photo above: Pam Galpern from the Local addresses the RMC about the FiOS for All campaign. Other photos: writing letters to the PSC to encourage report on effect of layoffs on FiOS rollout. We also wrote letters opposing the TPP. See the box above for upcoming rallies to stop the worst trade deal since NAFTA.

We also had a report on the so-called Frozen Death Benefit. If you were hired on or before December 31, 1986 you may quality. Go to the benefits page for more info.

Coming April 8, Noon, 42nd and 6th Ave. We will have a legal, peaceful Human Billboard to let Verizon (and AT&T) know retirees are watching what's going on with our pensions and benefits. Above photos show preparations for the signs that will spell out Justice for Retirees and Fairness for Retirees. See you there.

And thanks to all who helped out and participated to make the meeting a success.

Next 1101 RMC Membership Meetings

    Human Billboard
Wednesday, April 8, Noon, 42nd Street and 6th Ave (A of A)

1101 RMC Membership Meeting
 Wednesday, April 22, The Bronx,  Noon, American Legion Hall, 1456 Shore Drive, 10465 

1101 RMC Membership Meeting
 Wednesday, May 20, Manhattan, Noon
at the Local, 275 7th Ave,
between 25th and 26th St, 17th Floor.

Januray Membership Meeting

RMC Membership Meeting January 21, at Local 1101

The first 1101 RMC meeting of 2015 began with a lengthy update on the Verizon Life Insurance for retirees, and the status of the new (and very bad) AT&T medical plan for Medicare eligible retirees. Please go to the Benefits & Medicare page of this website and scroll down for full details about both.

We also got a report on the situation with the Fairpoint strikers in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. This was one of the many pieces of the old Bell System that Verizon sold off. In this case it went to an outfit that went broke in 2009, emerging from bankruptcy with hedge fund owners, instead of the original half a million stockholders. Now they have forced a strike.

AT&T contract is up in April. The Verizon contract is up in August. We are planning to mobilize to support the Local and the CWA, and to let everyone know the union retirees are organized. Hands off our pensions and benefits! Further details about our plans at the February 25 membership meeting at the Local.

Fundraiser Game 2015 Details click here    Or mail in your pick & check. Fundraiser form click here

Please sign the petition: stop AT&T from abandoning health benefits for retirees!

Thanks to all who made 2014 a great year.

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