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sept zoom meet

Above: September 9 Zoom memebership meeting. Topics covered: how our Verizon pension is funded and protected, guest speaker, Bob Patrician retired CWA economist. Also covered: our postcard get out the vote campaign, voting news and deadlines, potential voting day and results snafus and sabotage. Thanks to all who could attend.

Next Zoom Membership meetings October 7, November 18, December 16

All at Noon Wednesday

All On-line during Covid-19 restrictions

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aug 12 Zoom

Photo above: August 12 Zoom meeting. Phonebanking, postcard campaign, get out the vote, save the USPS

day of action

Above: RMC Zoom participation in July 20 National Strike/Day of Action for Black Lives.

zoom meeting july 15

Above: fourth zoom meeting, page 2, July 15. Thanks to all who attended by phone, computer, laptop, tablet & smartphone. (Telephone graphic in zoom screen shots indicates RMC members participating by phone)


Above: Third Virtual Membership Meeting June 17
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Click Here For CWA Summary of Heroes Act (Stimulus Bill Held Up By Senate)

Click Here For CWA Memo on Trump's Anti-Union Record

Click Here For Statement from the CWA Executive Board on the Need to Dismantle Racism

Click Here For CWA District 1 Racial justice Photos (inlcudes RMC)

Questions? email: cwa1101retireemc@gmail.com


Above: We arrived by phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and we filled two screens at the second CWA Local 1101 RMC Virtual Zoom Membership meeting May 20. Thanks to everyone who attended

CWA Agenda, Putting Workers First During CoVid19 Virus Bailout: Click Here

CWA COVID-19 resource page

Bill Haas

RIP Brother Bill Haas, Devoted Bronx Chief When Active, Supportive Retiree for the RMC

February 12020 mailout meeting

Photo above: Another mailout, this time to 2019 Local 1101 retirees and a discussion of the upcoming Presidential primary elections and the CWA protests against members of Congress who did not vote for the PRO Act. Thanks to all who attended, including 1105 retirees. Solidarity Forever.

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presidential uestionaire

Click here to read and hear what Presidential candidates said or failed to say about issues of concern to CWA members.


February 4 Action to support passage of the PRO Act in Congress. Let's find out who are real friends are. Send an email:http://cwa.org/PROActLetter and call 1-877-426-8013

2020 Jsn Msil Out Meeting

Above: :1101 RMC Mail Out Meeting January 15 preparing letter to RMC Lifetime Members from 1105, welcoming them to our chapter as Locals 1101 and 1105 merge. Next up: letter to new retirees from 1101. Photos by Vinnie Galvin


CWA 1101 RMC Board Left To Right: Patrick Welsh, VP Bronx; Anita Lathan, VP Manhattan; Tom Smucker, President; Denise Hawley, 1105 Liaison; Ilene Winkler, Secretary; Mike Blau, Treasurer. Pat is also President of District 1 RMC and Denise is VP of District 1 RMC

happy new years

Proud of our past, prepared for the future, Happy New Year 2020 from Local 1101 Retired members Chapter celebrating another good year of Solidarity at our annual Holiday Party at Local 1101 December 18, together and preparing to welcome new members and old friends in 2020 (above).

Check out the CWA District 1 slideshow on 2019 here, and be sure to pause at 1:18 for Mike and 1:19 for Ione.