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Below: RMC Holiday Party at the Local. Above: At the party 1101 RMC President Tom Smucker and RMC District 1 President Pat Welsh present first annual STALWART AWARD to Ione Harwodd and Frank Baez "For outstanding service to the retirees of CWA Local 1101 and attendance at all meetings, rallies, protest, and picket lines, no matter the weather, location or notification, in the finest tradition of union solidarity"
Get the hat that everyone is wearing or give it as a gift.
RED Union Made in the USA. Front: CWA. Back: Local 1101 Retired Members Council. Can be worn forwards, backwards, or sideways.
$20. Send a check made out to Local 1101 RMC with your name, address, and email to: CWA Local 1101 RMC, 350 West 31st Street, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10001. Shipped by US Mail.

red hat

CWA Lawyers Save Retiree Pension and Benes in AVAYA bankruptcy! Read the letter HERE

Below: 1101 RMC Nov. 21 across from Trump Tower, 5th Ave, NYC protesting proposed tax cuts for the rich, Medicare/Medicaid/medical deductions cuts for the rest of us. Mayor DeBlasio gave a shout out to "CWA in red hats" Thanks to all who attended. This is just the beginning.
tramp tax protesttramp tax protest


Bronx/Montefiore Hospital and Doctors, Oct. 30 Update: Verizon has told union that Montefiore will take our UHC Medicare Advantage Plan on a out of network basis which pays the same as in network. Keep going to Montefiore until we hear different.
no con con


Photo below: packed meeting at Local in May to hear Marvin Anderman talk about shielding assets from Medicaid draw down.

CLICK HERE for Full write up from Ilene.

marvin at meetingwinnermarvin crowd

Photo below: Another highly successful 1101 RMC fundraiser at Hole 3 May 12 Dempsey Scholarship Golf Outing at Pelham Bay. Tom Smucker, Mary Ann and Bill Haas. Thanks to all the golfers that day for their generosity towards the retirees, and the help from everyone involved from Local 1101, and a special thank you to Bill and Mary Ann. The photo gives a clue to how our chapter pays the bills and stays afloat financially

golf out fundraiser 2017

Watch this space for upcoming information about the Yonkers Raceway Casino Luncheon!

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AVAYA Bankruptcy Claim Letter From CWA: CLICK HERE

Support our 1101 brothers and sisters in their fight for good jobs at AT&T Mobility
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Dental Plan Flyer Update Click Here

bronx 2017 february

Above: February Meeting in the Bronx. Summary: rollout of Medicare Advantage for CWA District 1 retirees working well. Co-pays should be $10 or $15, total out of pocket for the year should be about $1150. Members at meeting reported that sudden large bills or supposed lack of coverage was resolved by calling the UNITED HEALTH CARE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF OUR NEW CARD. Thanks to all who contributed. Also discussed was Momentive Strike settlement, retirees appear to have lost their health care, so let's all watch out for the corporate flim flam of bankruptcies, sales to hedge funds, cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

click here for article about hedge fund managers who forced the CWA strike at Momentive

Daily NewsAT&T march

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pricepuzder stopped

Click here for a short history of Medicare video
Click here for short video: John F. Kennedy vs Ronald Reagan on Medicare
Click here: Trump Pick sez "End Medicare"

January 2017 1101 RMC Meeting

1101 RMC Membership at Jan 25 Meeting at the Local

Two short take aways from meeting (above): rollout of new United Health Care Verizon Medicare Advantage Plan seems to be going well. Hospitals and Doctors are taking plan, acupuncture appears to be covered, also free gym memberships through Silver Sneakers program. DO NOT THROW OUT material from United Health Care about our new plans, you will need it. (See below). National politics: new nominee for Labor Secretary is anti-union, nominee for HHS wants to dismantle Medicaire (see flyers above). Thanks to all who attended.

jan21 womens march

Local 1101 and 1103 RMC at Jan 21 Women's March NYC

Don't throw this stuff out! Photo BELOW top right: all CWA Dist. 1 Verizon retirees and their covered dependents should receive this packet in clear plastic. DO NOT THROW OUT. It contains the three items shown below. Bottom right: info for your health care provider. Top left: good one page summary, Bottom left: thick detailed booklet. You will need these items for 2017. Save and refer to if you have any questions about our new Medicare Advantage Plan.

dont throw out

daily news sub

momentive rally Jan 13momentive rally Jan 13

Above: Pat Welsh represents retirees and addresses the rally to support CWA Momentive strike in Waterford, NY. Rally was on 57th Street around the corner from Trump Tower, in front of office of billionaire hedge fund that is trying to break the union. Below, some of the 1101 RMC members at the rally. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

momentive rally Jan 13

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click here to sign CWA Dist 1 petition supporting strikers

click here to read support letter from Sen. Sanders

For full report on a Tale of Two Retirements Click on the Graph Below

tale of two retirements


Medicare Advantage Letter

PDF of pamphlet for post-1991 retirees: click here

PDF of pamphlet for pre-1992 retirees: click here

The cheapest, quickest way for us to communicate is through email, the website, and facebook. Please sign up for email if you aren’t getting it now, and tell other retirees.

Directions to American Legion at 1456 Shore Drive, Bronx,
Take #6 train to Westchester Square
Take #8 bus from Westchester Square going to Locust Point-Tierney Place
Get off at Dean Avenue and Lafayette
Walk Northwest on Dean Avenue towards Barkley Ave.
Turn right on Barkley
Walk to Shore Drive

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