AT&T Retiree Benefits

  There are two key pieces of information: contribution increases effective 2014 and a change in coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees beginning in 2015

2014 Plan Contribution Increases Attached is a summary of the plan changes and increases in premium contributions and a detailed chart.  In short, retirees will be asked to pay substantially more for their coverage.pre-Medicare retirees enrolled in the regional plans will pay $528 more per year for single coverage, $1,608 more per year for retiree + 1 coverage, and $1,812 more per year for  family coverage. Medicare-eligible retirees will pay $480 more per year for single coverage, $1,680 more per year for retiree + 1 coverage, and $1,680 per year for family coverage. The alternative plan, which has a higher deductible than the standard regional plans, will no longer be a “zero premium” option, but will instead cost $20 per month for single coverage and $40 per month for “retiree plus one.”

Changes in 2015 for Medicare-eligible Retirees In 2015, AT&T will be providing Medicare-eligible retirees access to health care through a private Medicare health insurance exchange.  This information applies only to retirees and their dependents who will be Medicare-eligible on or after Jan. 1, 2015.In 2015, AT&T will provide access to retiree health insurance coverage that supplements governmentsponsored Medicare through a private insurance marketplace, apart from the federal government’s Affordable Care Act exchanges.
AT&T notified CWA of this change on Friday, October 4.   The union expressed deep concerns about the potential disruption this notice would cause as well as concerns about the overall approach. 

Click Here For Letter From AT&T On Vendor Chosen For Medicare Retiree Marketplace (in PDF) posted 2/27/14

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