Possible Ways To Save On Eyeglasses

Retiree health plans and Medicare typically do not cover the cost of eyeglasses. However retirees have found that during a visit to an medical eye doctor (opthamologist) for a check-up for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, blood pressure etc., which is covered by most insurance, you can ask for a copy of your eyeglass prescription and be charged a minimal or no fee.

Please send along any information you may have, positive or negative, on this subject to retirees@local1101rmc.org.

Note: You may be asked, when purchasing over the internet, along with your prescription, for your Pupillary Distance (the distance between the centers of the pupils of your eyes). Ask for that from your eye doctor along with your prescription.

Below is a list of eyeglass providers that 1101 RMC members have had good experiences with purchasing glasses for around $100 or less. These are listed for information only. None are endorsed or sponsored by CWA Local 1101 RMC.

Cheap Eyeglass Provider List

zennioptical.com $20-$40 a pair, prescription, progressives, bifocals, sunglasses

B J's Wholesale Club various discounts monthly


classicspecs.com $89

New York Eyecare - Pelham Parkway Benefits Cover Plan $20 co-pay

Davisvision has a Value Advantage Program for Verizon Retirees (1-877-999-7006). Went to the Opthamoligist for the eye exam and then you call Davisvision for a voucher. You prepay. bifocal and frame $105.00.

Thanks to Tommy Smith, Tommy Dee, Ilene Winkler, Joe Batewell, and other RMC members who contributed to this list.