FiOS for All

At our February 25, 2015 RMC membership meeting we heard Pam Galpern from the Local describe the roll out of the FiOS for All campaign. Go to the home page for pictures. Click on the image to the right to see and download a full page PDF flyer. Click here to fill out the Where's My FiOS? petition for the Local if you have been "promised" FiOS but never given a date, or been told FiOS is not available in your area.

The NY State PSC is scheduled to issue a study that the union petitioned for on the impact of deregulation on service quality and job loss. Verizon cut 4400 jobs in NYC and 8500 in NYS in the last ten years. At the same time Verizon is trying to flim flam the public into believing that FiOS is arriving sometime in the future, or never, when they are obligated to provide it throughout NYS.

The upcoming Verizon contract (and the fate of retiree benefits) will be won or lost depending on who has the public's support. The incomplete roll out of FiOS is an issue that unites the public and Verizon union members, but only if we get the word out.

Stay tuned.




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Where's My FiOS

Where's My FiOS?

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