Union Jobs in the Next Generation Wireline and Wireless Telecom Industry

Below are 12 slides that are current as of June, 2018 concerning changes in Telecom and the coming of 5G. This is fiber to small cells, currently in development and being installed throughout the country. Click on each small slide to see the full page version.

In discussion, CWA techs have questioned the safety of small cells at eye level. Without regulation, the whole package can get installed and maintained by contractors who subcontract to subcontractors with no clear responsibility.

For more information and ongoing updates click here to access the excellent CWA site speedmatters.org. You can sign up there for more updates.

For a good short youtube video explaing 5G click here.

This could be our future: affordable, safe, high speed internet and good paying union jobs. As we all know from our experiences, we won't get there if we don't fight for it.

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