RMC Fundraising
(for RMC members only)

Welcome to the New Year. We hope you all had a joyous and fulfilling holiday season. With the dawning of the new year, comes new  opportunity for enrichment and participation. Once again we will be offering the council’s lottery drawing.  Last year we had eleven winners. Of the eleven winners, one joined in January and hit that month and another joined in February and hit the very next day. Yes, it took luck, but the possibility exists for others to replicate that good fortune.

For the benefit of new members and any existing members that may be unfamiliar with how the lottery runs, a single twenty-five dollar contribution enters you in the drawing for the entire year, up to and including New Year’s Eve. The New York State midday number drawing Monday through Friday is used to determine the winners. A winning number receives a thirty dollar payoff.

We suggest you pick three separate three digit numbers to ensure you get your lucky number choice because every participant will have a unique entry number. If you participated in 2015 you may simply reuse your existing choice, or pick a new number if you would prefer. This drawing is used for the sole purpose of fundraising for the council and as such is restricted to council members only.

Thank you, and good luck

The Local 1101 Retired Members Council Executive Board

This fundraiser must be limited to RMC members only please. No active Verizon employees or friends may participate.

All checks and communications regarding this fundraiser should be sent to
CWA 1101 RMC
c/o CWA Local 1101
275 Seventh Avenue, 17th floor
New York City, New York 10001
Attention Michael Blau, Treasurer


Along with the check please enclose your home address or Post Office Box where any winnings may be sent to you. Also include a current e-mail address and or telephone or cell number so that you can be notified of your win.

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