How To Join Local 1101 RMC

Any retired CWA member is eligible to join the Retired Members Council for a one time only lifetime payment to the CWA of $25. They may then join any chapter. Our chapter (149) is sponsored by Local 1101 but is open for membership to retired members from any Local. Likewise, some retired members of Local 1101 have found it convenient to join and attend the RMC Chapter of another Local, such as 1102 or 1103. And of course, we always welcome visitors at our meetings from other chapters.

Many chapters charge dues to meet their expenses and make that a condition for membership in their chapter. Our chapter does not charge dues, so the only conditions for membership are 1) being a retired member of the CWA and 2) paying the one time lifetime membership fee of $25 to the national union.

Because our chapter was inactive for over a decade many if not most retirees may not know whether or not they are currently signed-up for CWA RMC membership. We have a frequently updated list from the CWA and continue to reach out retirees by mail and internet.

If you want to join the RMC please contact us and we will send you a brochure from the CWA and self addressed, stamped return envelope.

You can reach us by email, or by calling Local 1101 at 212-633-2666 or by writing us at:

Retired Members Council
Local 1101 CWA
275 7th Avenue
NY, NY 10001


link to application (Our Chapter Number is 149)

Questions? email us at retirees@local1101rmc.org