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    Open enrollment for Verizon Medical Retirees begins October 5 and ends October 14, 2021. If the retiree does not want to change their medical coverage there is no need to do anything, coverage will remain the same.

    Per the agreement with CWA and Verizon in 2012, there is a cap on Verizon's contribution to covered medical. Since the costs did not break that cap this year the costs for Pre-Medicare retirees who retired before 2013 will be reduced to $0. The costs for Pre-Medicare retirees retired after 2013 will remain the same.

    There is no change for Medicare retirees.

    The costs of prescription drugs from Expresscripts will increase between 41 cents and $2.00 depending on the drug and if mail order.

    Next Membership Meeting will report on CWA Convention, zoomed online, Wednesday, October 27, 1 PM

    septemer 2021

    Photo above: RMC meeting via zoom September 15, 2021. We watched the Local 1101 video about 911 and shared experiences of that day and those months. To watch the video click here. For more retiree memories of 911 and the aftermath click here and also click here


    Click on image above for 16 page Generator from October, 2001

    we have not forgotten

    Click on image above for 1101 members video memories of 9/11 and Ground Zero

    1101 RMC Membership Meeting, Wednesday, September 15, Noon. Due to resurgence of Covid this meeting will remain on-line only for now. If you are not already on the list, to receive the Zoom invite for the meeting, send an email to the address below.

    To send 1101 RMC an email:cwa1101retireemc@gmail.com

    To receive 1101 RMC emails: CLICK HERE

    Click on links at left for more webpages, links, and information

    miners rallyminers rally with cwaUMWA and CWAminers and retireesminers and us

    Above: CWA active and retirees back on the street in Manahttan to support United Mine Workers of America who came to NYC from Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia to tell giant investment house Blackrock on 52nd Street -"No contract, no coal" CWA and UMWA stood together in 1989 and we stand together now. Solidarity in action. Photos by Bill, Lew, Tom, Mike, and Ron

    july zoom

    Above: July 15, 2021 - Last all Zoom meeting of the Covid Pandemic Era? Stayed Tuned.

    June 16, 2021

    Above: RMC membership meeting, June 16, 2021, in attendance from NYC, Weschester, Suffolk, Nassua, NJ, Western NY, California. Thanks to all who could attend.

    May 19 Zoom Meet

    Above: via computer, smartphone, and phone we zoomed into our second year of on-line membership meetings. Guest Speaker: Terry Daly, retired longtime 1101 Treasurer, explaining the LUSP savings plan, still providing better than average rates with tax protection. For more info contact Terry at Terryd@lusptrust.org or 845-270-0460 cell call or text, or go to lusptrust.org

    Here's a good two minute video on the PRO Act

    July 29 deadline for registration for 9/11 WTC health care and compensation. For WTC 9-11 there are lots of links, contacts, information, maps, videos, slides on the Local 1101 website here:

    Apri; 21 2021

    Above: Zoomed Membership Meeting April 21. Topics: PRO Act, Ranked Voting in NYC, Medical Benefits. Thanks to all who could attend. One page PRO Act summary: click here

    March 17 2021

    Above: into our second year of Zoom meetings March 17. Can you spot the Patricks? Also in attendance were friends from 1104 and 1103. Topics covered: WTC 9/11 compensation and registry. Registration deadline July 29 THIS YEAR. Lots of info here - local1101.org wtc-health-program

    Also covered: PRO Act, Amazon Union drive, Biden backs unions, and a great trip down memory lane as RMCers described their jobs as Repair, Rep, Special Rep, Installation, and Tester. Thanks to all who participated - more than would fit on one zoom screen.

    alaundry pciket line

    Above: vaccinated and back on the picket line -Blau, Smucker, Hickey, March 6, Lower East Side, NYC, supporting laundry workers fired for forming a union Photo by Ron Van Long.

    Feb 17 2021

    12th Monthly Zoom Meeting! Covid Couldn't Stop Us

    Thanks to all during our year of pandemic restrictions who hung in while our meetings went virtual. Pictured above are some of those who attended February 17th, including guests from Local 1104 RMC. Attendance spilled over onto a second screen. Vaccinations have started, for now we remain meeting via Zoom only.

    To receive 1101 RMC emails: CLICK HERE

    To send 1101 RMC an email:cwa1101retireemc@gmail.com

    Members should be aware of a sickness death benefit that is available to those members who were on the ATT/New York Telephone/NYNEX active payroll as of August 9, 1986: click here for more information.

    Become a lifetime CWA 1101 RMC member, fill out the application, $25 one time only payemnt: click here.

    To receive 1101 RMC emails: click here 


    CWA 1101 RMC Board Left To Right: Patrick Welsh, VP Bronx; Anita Lathan, VP Manhattan; Tom Smucker, President; Denise Hawley, 1105 Liaison; Ilene Winkler, Secretary; Mike Blau, Treasurer. Pat is also President of District 1 RMC and Denise is VP of District 1 RMC. Photo by Vinnie Galvin at Local 1101 on West 31st St, pre-Covid 19.

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